Victoria International Airport Testing Facility

Located adjacent to the departure terminal of the Victoria International Airport, Connectus Global is an accredited lab facility with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. We have you covered and will keep you informed on Covid-19 testing related information. Our friendly and professional staff will provide PCR Testing for both National and International travel whenever the need should arise. Our prompt results will ensure your scheduled plans will not be interrupted and deadlines can be met.

COVID-19 Travel Testing

More countries are now requiring travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate confirming they are not currently infected with the virus before granting them entry. Connectus Global can provide COVID-19 testing to satisfy this requirement, ensuring you don’t get stuck at the airport and miss your important trip. With a targeted turn around time for results from the same day up to 48 hours, as per the request of the client. Connectus PCR test for active COVID-19 infections can be the difference between getting to your destination or being grounded.

“NB – our facility does not offer serology or antigen testing. We are a PCR testing facility only.”

Currently our PCR test is not accepted by the state of Hawaii but we are working hard to change this.

Once the traveller/worker arrives at the clinic, they will be asked to produce all required information. This will be entered into our EMR and into the Connectus Global database to be able to produce the electronic results to be sent to the traveller/worker. All information is entered into secure and encrypted platforms, we ensure that your information is protected.

Once the staff have gathered all information required, you will be taken to an exam room to conduct the swabbing. The healthcare provider will ensure that you are fit for testing and the nasopharyngeal swab will be taken. Your results will be sent to the email address that you provided at the time of your appointment within 24 hours.


Same Day – $375 + GST 24 Hours – $250 + GST 48 Hours – $175 + GST

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