Sewio delivers a precise UWB RTLS technology. Sewio participates with their partners on their projects to ensure their success and keep the  roadmap aligned with real market needs. Sewio’s success fully depends on their partners.  They make sure that they have all they need in both a technical and business perspective to deliver top-level customer experiences to their clients. They are building their  eco-system in the way we want to be treated – by having the same transparent rules for everyone, being open and appreciative of feedback, and bringing additional value to everyone involved.



ILS offers a state of the art Real-Time Location System (RTLS). Their customers  transform their businesses into a highly efficient, powerful and streamlined operation using technology based on ultrawideband TDoA. The indoor outdoor solution is used to locate People and Equipment in industrial areas, airports, hospitals and manufacturing plants. ILS’s team of trusted professionals delivers customized solutions with global innovation and industry practices. When you need a complex solution it takes a trusted partner with history executing a world class service.

Magma Industries offers Professional Business Representation, Supply Chain Consulting, Strategic Web Development & Social Media Management. Magma specializes in helping business grow both their exposure and market share. They do this by generating new leads and opportunities for clients with the help of their diversified sales team. They gather business intelligence which allows for effective decision making and optimization for the bottom line. They connect design, technology and data to create custom solutions that help businesses thrive and reach their full potential.


Setting a new standard for land development, property management, and community building, PBA Group of Companies exists to create and manage dynamic and functional spaces for people and their businesses. They recognize long-lasting growth happens in partnerships which they develop with their tenants, investors, and community. They also bring considerable experience with award-winning real estate, decades of project management and construction, complex development projects, and planning approvals experience which inspires confidence and assurance. Throughout their 55 years, PBA Group continues to build possibility and community.


Tank Parts Direct (TPD) was founded in 2015 in Katy, Texas. Our mission is to deliver High Quality products, Knowledgable customer service at the Best Prices around. If you are a wash rack, repair facility, fleet, carrier or operator, you deserve the best our industry has to offer. Do not be satisfied with the current parts distribution options. Let TPD give you access to years of manufacturing expertise, valuable product solutions all while protecting the value, safety and security of your tank assets.


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