Still doing your headcount manually?

In petrochemical plants and refineries process units, the monitoring of contractors and their activities, their presence and their departure time are still being collected manually. In case of accident, lives can be lost which can potentially lead to legal consequences costing millions to your organisation.

These instant reports cut employee headcount time and eliminate manual searching of the location of employees. First responders can focus on the evacuation process. Safety personnel can focus their work on incident containment to limit the impact on the facility.


  • Time attendance & work measurement
  • Automatic sign-in and sign-out
  • Automatic headcount of employees and contractors
  • Last-known-Location Report
  • Mustering Report
  • Equipment Inventory Report
  • Safety management and cost control during plant shut-down
  • Safety protocols compliance and enforcement
  • Automatically document safety protocol compliance, to contain legal risk exposure.
  • Facilitate emergency evacuation protocols
  • Audit & analysis of historical displacements of workers.