Healthcare Industry

Patient risks, including equipment errors, hospital-acquired infections or physical attacks are a constant threat within healthcare facilities.

A Real-Time Location System can promote patient safety by reducing room for such risks. Examples of RTLS safety and security solutions provided by Connectus Global are listed below

  • The ability to keep a watchful eye on hand hygiene compliance.
  • The ability to alert security staff in the event of physicals aggression towards your staff or caretakers
  • The ability to create contact tracing reports based on knowing when and which staff members and patients have come into contact with an infected person or asset.
  • The ability for administrators to quickly triage on-site staff or emergency services if additional help is required in another part of the facility
  • The ability to detect when certain machines or systems are either part of an active recall or due for cleaning or maintenance.
  • The ability to detect if minimum levels of equipment are on the correct floor or area for fast triage
  • The ability to create alerts letting staff and nurses know if a patient has wandered into an area where they aren’t supposed to be. Alzheimer’s or dementia are examples of this or aged care facilities
  • The ability to protect infants from abduction attempts as well as improper mother/baby matching using alerts and security system/door lock integrations.

At work, are you at risk of being attacked?

In psychiatric facilities, 85% of staff experienced physical and psychological assaults by patients every year. These attacks leave serious physical injuries: broken arms and legs, fainting, bites, injuries to the face. Psychological injuries persist years after the assault. The fear of a future attack and the fear generated among colleagues have built continuous stress for personnel.

Post-Mortem tools to analyze and document interventions

Connectus Anti-Aggression System offers tools to diagnose and audit incidents and attacks. In post-mortem meetings, employees and administrators use these tools to analyze the successes and weaknesses of each intervention. These analyses reinforce emergency protocols and help to maintain staff response time. These tools offer valuable assistance for administrators and staff to efficiently manage legal risk.

A badge that gives its location and automatically announces a Code White

Equipped with a location badge that gives its location, the endangered employee can press the button on their badge to remotely request assistance from colleagues. Automatically, the system announces a Code White over the intercom and mobile phones of colleagues while it continues to update the employee’s location and their status.

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