RTLS is a Real-time monitoring solution for personnel and assets across the site, enabling a more productive, efficient, and safe workplace.

How Does It Work?

Real-time Location Solution (RTLS) is specifically designed for the demands of modern industrial plants. The advanced technology-based system, comprises of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tags with longer battery life and long-range receivers while leveraging existing wireless infrastructure, thereby enabling wider site coverage, lower infrastructure cost and higher location accuracy. With real-time visibility and advanced business rules, the solution helps derive valuable insights into your plant operations enabling improved safety, security & productivity.

What Problems Does It Solve?

  • Reduced site mustering time from hours to minutes, faster search & rescue.
  • Monitor hazardous area movements.
  • Improve safety with fatigue monitoring, panic button option on cards.
  • Increase accountability & efficiency of workforce.
  • Monitor internal plant areas without gates and fences with virtual zone.
  • Reduce loss work hours due to missing critical assets by tagging them.
  • Instantaneous Inventory report of tagged assets.
  • Improve process, faster people movement, identify bottlenecks thereby reducing non-productive work hours and more time on work site.

The following are characteristics of the Connectus Global electronic mustering that provides the necessary flexibility to ensure the fastest in the industry mustering of your employees:

  • The existing IP network can be utilized to support the scanning locations with our Ultra-Wideband Receivers (UWB).
  • The hardware to withstand extreme temperatures in the harshest environments (ICEX, ATEX).
  • The muster station operates wirelessly and without grid power, if required, we can customize the solution to ensure the right fit for your working area.
  • Addition of future muster stations is easy – both physical and software set-up.
  • Access / Identification cards integrations out of the box that can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Design and print capabilities on access/identification cards are available.

System Redundancy (high availability) ensure your system works even when everything is shutting down.

  • Electronic mustering is based upon communication between end devices (card readers/scanners) and a server (a master / primary server).
  • The server will keep track of the “IN” and “OUT” status of personnel.
  • Should this server ever fail, secondary servers that are fully synchronized with the main server will register the necessary status.
  • Once the master server returns to normal operation then all status information will be restored to the master server.

Attendance Reports

Attendance reports are a very real and important part of any industrial or energy operation, ensuring they are available to show the total time of attendance per day (or per any period) of each person. These reports can be run per Category (contractor for example) or Access Group and can be refined as to the attendance in specific areas. Detail of the “IN” and “Out” times of individuals or a summary of the total “IN” or “OUT” is available. This feature is often used to verify contractor billing.

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