Victor Smith

Victor is a full stack developer, with 1 year of experience in industry. He specializes in developing scalable full stack web applications using a variety of frameworks and technologies. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Alberta before starting a position at a student start-up based in Edmonton, where he oversaw the re-design and implementation of the applications front-end.

When not working, Victor spends his time working on personal software projects, reading, attending Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & kickboxing classes, running and being with his girlfriend and cats.

Robert Kohl

Worked for the following companies over the past 30 years:

System designer hardware, ConnectUsGlobal (2022 – Present)
System designer hardware/software, Wilee-Designs (2020 -present)
Electrical Designer Oil & Gas, Worley Parsons, Tekarra, WSP (2006-2020)
Field Engineer, Oil & Gas, Fluor (2005-2006)
Electrical Designer Offshore Oil & Gas, Halter Marine, Jelec USA, Pride Intl. (1999-2005)
Electrical Designer Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine/Navy Systems, Industrial, Davie Industries /BTQ (1989-1999)

While still in college was involved in building a Jeep from the frame up, engineering suspension and all the electrical wiring from scratch, along with numerous other design fabrication and testing.

On further occasion wiring up race cars for others. Home ownership brought some new challenges into designing and installing in-floor hydronic heating system, and a ventilation automation system, and other renovation projects.

Designed / build Eco Fridge system for off-grid, using cold air circulation. Design / build a vending machine, prototyping with 3D printer, programming microcontrollers, for cosmetics.

JC MacDonald

IT Lead, Connectus Global, (2022 – Present)
IT Director, Planet Organic (2017 – 2020)
Sr. Systems Administrator, Calgary Sun (2006 – 2016)
Systems Administrator, Calgary Herald (2000 – 2004)
IT Operations, ISM/BC (1998 – 2000)

Started with computers in 1979 learning BASIC and ASM on a TRS-80. Worked with Radio Shack selling and demonstrating computers as a teenager and part-time at a video arcade doing basic repairs.

He is a member of a five-piece Celtic band and active in Calgary’s arts and entertainment community. His hobbies are running, weightlifting and travel.

Kyle Anderson

Kyle is an accomplished Red Seal Journeyman Millwright with a background working in oil and gas, mining and manufacturing. He has worked all over the globe on successful projects. Kyle Joined Connectus in its infancy and has had the pleasure of helping it grow as his role has become more defined from RTLS Product Manager to Edge Device Manager.

Prior to joining Connectus, Kyle ran his own successful manufacturing company until an equity exit directed his path to edge devices. Kyle currently is responsible for the research and development of the Gen 2 watch for Connectus. When not working, he enjoys the outdoors, hunting, farming and being with his wife and dogs near a beach.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah has a 10 year successful career in Payroll Administration and Benefits Management. She joined Connectus Services Ltd in August 2019, and currently manages the Payroll department, and is heavily involved with the Finance and Accounting department.

She has held various positions with major IT companies, Colleges, the Government as well as in the service industry. Sarah loves travelling, going to the beach and has a passion for volunteering with different organizations. Sarah is also a co-owner of a glamping resort in Central America, Iguana Jungle Roost Ltd.

Vincent Cheung

Vincent is an all-rounded IT professional with 15+ experience working in various roles such as Presales Specialist, Solution Architect, ITSM Process Consultant & Project Manager in Hewlett Packard and Dimension Data. In recent years he shifted his passion towards the Data Analytics / Data Science / Machine Learning domain. He holds a Master degree in E-Commerce at the University of Hong Kong and currently persuading another MSc in Finance Engineering at the World Quant University. Vincent is a serious thinker and love topics around Philosophy, Maths and History. During leisure time his mind is still occupied by Sudoku, Contract Bridge and various board games with families and friends both physically and online. He is also a Classical Guitar player and a member of the Classical Guitar Society of Calgary.