World Leading Independent Energy Producer

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) is not only the largest independent natural gas producer in Canada, but also has the strongest and most diversified energy asset portfolio of any independent energy producer in the world. CNRL recently acquired the Pine River Natural Gas processing plant from Enbridge Energy in which the facility exports low pressure LNG and sulphur.

Improving Employee Safety During Turnarounds
Oil and gas is traditionally an industry with higher safety risks and the strongest efforts to minimize them. The refinery facilities experience planned and unplanned maintenance shutdowns and turnarounds. During this maintenance operation, 350 workers, most of whom have never been on a site before, are coming to work at the site. Not only are the place and colleagues new to them, but they are coming in with various work habits and industry norms. All of those just increase the level of risk in comparison to normal maintenance
operation and require increased safety and preventative measures.

In case of an emergency, a paper-based mustering system was used at CNRL Pine River, which meant that they needed 120 minutes to complete the mustering process and some eight minutes to produce the evacuation lists at each of the mustering stations.

The objective of the digitalization of the mustering process was to know quickly how many people were in the safe area or in the hazardous area and to decrease the action time to help the injured ones as in these emergency situations, every second counts.