Electronic Mustering

In an offshore or remote working site, effective management of POB is one of the most important but understated elements of our industry. Ensuring that your processes and policies are up to date and practiced can save you minutes when in an emergency situation, but if history has taught us anything, practise will only get you so far in a large facility upset. Platform safety processes are critical, with the mustering system being the one system in an emergency that does not get a second chance to work correctly. At Connectus Global we guarantee our system to work in the harshest climates and when you need it the most.

Maximizing confidence, Minimizing time to a full count
Traditionally in the industry, and for the last 40 years. It is well accepted that human factors play a major role in refinery and platform musters and their successful outcome: the Connectus Global E Muster system removes the risk of human error; reduces the risk of operational downtime and reduces the risk of damage to your human capital. When second matters most, make sure your system can deliver.

Full People on Board (POB) and E Mustering Solutions for Evacuation management and Evacuation Excellence

Electronic Mustering can be achieved in under ten minutes and is completely accurate ensuring that personnel can be accounted for quickly. All missing persons are highlighted until they have successfully mustered and if required, personnel can be evacuated quickly. It even allows for personnel to muster at an alternative location to that allocated and still be accounted for safely. Plus internal, external, emergency evacuation and lifeboat mustering are all taken care of with the Connectus POB or E Muster fully automated Evacuation system.

Confusion over names is eliminated as each crew member’s badge is scanned. Muster stations could have 100 people around them, making headcount impossible. Our solution takes the guesswork out. Real-time muster reports can be viewed by anyone at a Connectus Muster terminal (such as onshore ERC teams) giving a complete overview of all lifeboats and missing personnel.

Key Functions

  • Rapid Muster with live real-time information in under 10 minutes anywhere on the site
  • Manage emergency evacuation logistics and lifeboat manifests from on the platform/refinery or at the operations center
  • Constantly display current POB down to the last person leaving the installation in real-time from the initial activation of the solution
  • Being able to Muster quickly and accurately ensures that operational downtime is minimised, efficiency is maintained, and costs and risk are reduced
  • Bridge e mustering with our RTLS system to see locations of personal on the platform or in the refinery, if someone is not accounted for you can see exactly where they are. 2M accurate including what floor they are on

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