COVID-19, a letter from our CEO

What we're seeing right now with COVID-19 is nothing short of unprecedented. With so much uncertainty,

it can be easy to worry and lose sight of what’s most important: family, community and professionalism.

We are following the guidance of the World Health Organization in addition to local health agency

community mitigation plans. We currently have travel restrictions and are practicing social distancing in all

aspects of our work. This means, many of our employees are working remotely...


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Increase Your Productivity | Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

RTLS (Real-Time location system) is used for precise indoor and outdoor tracking, you can transform your business into a highly efficient, powerful and streamlined operation. Using technology based on ultra-wide-band TDoA, we offer the best in RTLS hardware and software that you need to gain accurate and actionable data and be more productive, cost-effective and safe.


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Real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor and outdoor tracking based on ultra-wide-band (UWB) technology that drives business results for companies in oil and gas, retail, sport, entertainment and livestock industries.

It provides customers and partners a precise, reliable, fully scalable and customer-centric IoT solution for indoor tracking that allows process visibility, boosts production efficiency, simplifies the inventory process and increases safety.  

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