The management of any workforce which includes employees, contractors and visitors are critical for industrial facilities of all sizes. With the growing scale of operations, changing safety, return to work preparedness, security and regulatory compliance with the organizational policies while maintaining operational efficiency remains a key challenge.

Connectus E PTW solution offers an integrated platform to improve safety, Business Continuity and response, security and productivity across the organization.

How Does It Work?

Integrated with access control systems, Connectus Digitized Workforce Management solution, digitizes and automates the workforce management processes like employee and contractor onboarding, competency management, training, certification policies, business continuity and contractor management in order to establish a proactive process, safe and compliant work environment, while offering real-time unified information to key stakeholder across the organization.

What Problems Does It Solve?

  • Reduced site mustering time from hours to minutes
  • Real-time compliance status monitoring and enforcement
  • Improved compliance by fatigue monitoring, random drug and alcohol test
  • Improved productivity with time on-site monitoring
  • Reduce overbilling of contract work hours
  • Efficient visitor management
  • Smart onboarding for employees and contractors
  • Business continuity and response management on and off-site
  • Offering digital visibility to drive improvements in safety & productivity of the workforce with E-permit

Digital Documents

Electronic permit to work

E-permits will improve your management control, reduce your risks and reduce your costs by providing powerful management information. Improvement in the industry and corporate governance while reducing the risk associated with people, property, fixed and mobile assets.
Connectus has the ability to emulate whatever regime the client currently uses to control their work environment. So, they can retain familiar processes and get the benefits without comprising quality.

More information, More Control, Less Risk, Lower Cost.

  • Reduce cost – Insurance premiums, legal fees and fines, business downtime, improved execution time.
  • More information – Real-time data of permits, improved accountability through permit execution and improved manpower utilisation.
  • Graphical Planning – Highlight potential conflicts in the proposed timing of activities that should not be executed concurrently.
  • Information Sharing – Ease of access from any device, automated communication to notify people who need to be involved by providing a rapid route to contact.
  • Simplicity – Simple to operate for multi-trade and executive interface and dashboards. Connectus is focused on delivering excellence without sacrificing interface.
  • One size does not fit all – Through our quick mobilise interface to a fully customised enterprise we have a solution for any business size.

Examples of Modules that can be included

  • Hot Work Permit
  • Cold Work Permit
  • Confined Space Permit
  • Safe Isolation
  • Isolation master
  • Working at heights
  • Vehicle Entry
  • Road Closure
  • Line Break
  • Field Level Risk Assessment
  • Crane authority
  • Lock Out Tag-out
  • Non-Classified work permit
  • Visitor / entry management

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