The Connectus social distancing solution is based on its presence control technology that makes users physical security privileges and safety checks visible. The digital badge holders work with existing building access cards to enforce social distance monitoring. Its existing capability has been extended to create a personal separation and contact tracing device that notified the wearer when they are close to another badge wearer. Each badge holder continuously monitors all the other badge holders present. When two people come within approximately 6 feet or 2 m of each other the digital badge holders will start flashing a yellow warning. If those same people do not re-establish a safe distance within five seconds, the devices will start to flash red, and the interaction is stored in each badge holder as a close contact event.

Using proven technology, each digital badge holder continuously monitors social distancing across the workplace and enables rapid contact tracing in the event a team member, contractor or visitor becomes infected.

The Connectus badge holder of the infected individual records the unique identifier of the person then timestamps in close contact duration of all individuals that have come within 2 meters. The solution has dynamic reporting to allow the site to map high-risk areas, implement containment processes and develop proactive mitigation strategies.

Connectus Contact Tracing enables you to have the power of effective crowd management with the following parameters:

  • Real-Time event capacity monitoring
  • Social distancing awareness and analysis
  • Bluetooth enabled contact tracing
  • Cost-effective digital badges
  • Facilitates Greater Awareness of event/attendee and informs recovery best practices.

How it works for alerts

Each badge holder continuously monitors others. When two people come too close, the digital badge holders flashes yellow as a warning first. If safe distance is not re-established within 5 seconds, the devices will start to flash red and the interaction is being stored

Solution Summary

  • Badge holder
  • Charging station
  • User interface

The Badge Holder

Size / weight

Height: 3.42 inches (69 mm) Width: 1.15 inches (100 mm)
Depth: 0.22 inches (8mm) Weight: 0.055 pounds (41 g)

Power / Battery

Built-in 2035 milliwatt-hour (3.7V) lithium-polymer battery

Up to 80 hours continuous use / 250 hours stand-by

Charging via USB micro-B power adapter or charging station

ID Card Compatibility

ISO/IEC 7810 – ID-1 identification cards

Can read out Card Serial Number of Smartcard-type access badges (13.56 MHz frequency).


Summary report

Detailed Unique events

Summary events for the specified badges

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