Robert Kohl

Global Team


System Engineer

Worked for the following companies over the past 30 years:

System designer hardware, ConnectUsGlobal (2022 – Present)
System designer hardware/software, Wilee-Designs (2020 -present)
Electrical Designer Oil & Gas, Worley Parsons, Tekarra, WSP (2006-2020)
Field Engineer, Oil & Gas, Fluor (2005-2006)
Electrical Designer Offshore Oil & Gas, Halter Marine, Jelec USA, Pride Intl. (1999-2005)
Electrical Designer Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine/Navy Systems, Industrial, Davie Industries /BTQ (1989-1999)

While still in college was involved in building a Jeep from the frame up, engineering suspension and all the electrical wiring from scratch, along with numerous other design fabrication and testing.

On further occasion wiring up race cars for others. Home ownership brought some new challenges into designing and installing in-floor hydronic heating system, and a ventilation automation system, and other renovation projects.

Designed / build Eco Fridge system for off-grid, using cold air circulation. Design / build a vending machine, prototyping with 3D printer, programming microcontrollers, for cosmetics.

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