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Secure digital health credentials are the critical path to the COVID-19 recovery. Uniting a network of technology and industry partners, Connectus Global uses the world’s most advanced blockchain technology to create secure, transferable and verified credentials for health testing and vaccination status.

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  • Vaccination Status
  • Health Declaration
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Testing Results
  • Timed Credential Expiry
  • Temperature Check

Covid test additions

Vaccine additions
A vaccine passport isn’t a physical passport but a digital document that serves as a valid certification of an individual’s vaccination against COVID-19. Like a passport, this document will allow people physical access to places, as it would act as a proof of the person being ‘safe’. The idea is to come up with verifiable, secure, and credible digitised records of inoculation that will be accepted across countries as well as by entities within India and enable one to bypass mandatory quarantine requirements in a digital format. That is what Connectus has done and in record time.

How does it work
The Connectus Vaccine Passport lets individuals access their lab results and vaccination records, and consent to have that information used to validate their COVID status, without revealing any other underlying personal health information. Lab results and vaccination records can be accessed through existing health data systems, national or local registries or personal digital health records.

Ideally, the presentation of such a digital certificate would allow people to prove themselves to be ‘safe ’and to bypass mandatory quarantine requirements. Essentially, it would serve as a way to loosen current restrictions on travel and access to facilities. It would also relax the requirement in many countries that require arriving passengers to test negative for the virus.

Employee screening

Employers signed up for a complete turn-key covid testing program and can invite their employees to enroll through the employer dashboard. Employees will sign up for the program through the QC-Clock app, and complete the onboarding process, which includes a coronavirus assessment and taking a COVID-19 test. Employers will be able to track their employee’s test results in a customized employer dashboard.
Employees are notified daily to update their status through the QC-Clock in-app COVID-19 assessment tool. When necessary, employees will be referred to a virtual or clinic visit, that may or may not include a COVID-19 test. Depending on the outcome of their visit, employee work status will be made visible to the employer in the employer dashboard.
When daily monitoring begins, employers will be able to track each employee’s daily compliance to filling out the symptom tracker and see their latest work status so they may quickly administer management protocols, such as paid sick leave.

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